Lexington Ave – West Hollywood

A magnificent recently remodeled property Lexington has one and two bedroom units available. With breathtaking art deco kitchens and bathrooms, flawless French doors, and enduring updated appliances this is one of our favorite properties.

Its large and upscale front windows inscribed with sophisticated black trimming allows for an exquisite view of Lexington Street. Such a picturesque outlook enables one to appreciate the tranquil neighborhood and quiet residential street below. A newly added gorgeous architectural piece garnishing the front of the building serves as a tasteful addition enhancing the gray exterior appeal of the complex. The carport sits directly underneath the residence allowing for easy access onto the property.

Iconic art deco design ornament the kitchens and bathrooms. Kitchens are uniquely designed with sophisticated color schemes in relation to countertops, flooring, and art deco tile. Kitchens include elegant Navajo white walls, quaint ceiling light fixtures, and glamorous black, white, teal, and blue art deco tile. Bathrooms are enhanced with beautiful French windows, durable in-wall heaters, and a harmonious composition of white, black, teal, and pink art deco designed bathtubs and showers.

With favorably sized living rooms and bedrooms, exquisitely large wide-set windows providing excellent natural lighting, a balcony large enough to be turned into a small outdoor breakfast nook, and a frivolous decorative style, Lexington exudes a visual simplicity and radiates an inviting atmosphere for those lucky enough to step foot in this peaceful abode.

Within close proximity to the Sunset Strip and Hollywood Blvd. if you’re looking for fun and adventure but far enough away to enjoy some peace and tranquility, Lexington is also close to two of the main and most unique streets in the Hollywood area. Melrose and Vine—both are known as unique sections of the city helping to define the LA experience. Furthermore, this unique property has the benefit of being close to various restaurants and cafes ranging from Thai food to Mediterranean. There is also a Whole Foods off of Fairfax district.

One and two bedroom units are available now with rent ranging from $1,700-$2,200! You do not want to miss out on this prime living opportunity. Good size open floor plan with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, balconies, art deco features, carport, French windows, hardwood floors, antique light fixtures, period hardware, and includes laundry on premise.



Average Rent: $1700-$2000
Address: 7626 Lexington Ave
City: West Hollywood
State: CA
ZIP: 90046
Average Sq Feet:
# of Studio/Single Units:
# of 1 Bedroom Units: 4
# of 2 Bedroom Units: 4
# of Commercial Units:

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